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Ants can certainly appear as small and insignificant insects, which is why they never arouse particular attention in us until they start to invade our home or office, especially during the summer months where it is particularly hot. A high-quality insecticide can stop their journey, eliminating the queen ant and the entire ant colony. When it comes to choosing the best insecticide for ants, the first thing to consider are the various types of products available: ranging from systemic to biological products, from growth regulators to pyrethroids and neonicotinoids. On the market we find various solutions such as food bait, spray, granular or powder formats and finally gel. Some of these are more effective at stopping the ants in their tracks, while others can be used to eradicate the entire colony. Whatever solution is adopted, it must always be kept in mind that these are harmful products, so it is necessary to carefully follow the instructions for use on the label. Particular attention must be paid if children or pets are present.

Best insecticides on the market

BAYER Maxforce quantum gel

BAYER maxforce quantum gel Bayer Maxforce QUANTUM at the price of 30.25 euros is a professional insecticide against ants in the form of a liquid gel and can be used in both external and internal areas. It is a safe product, also suitable in the kitchen and in food processing rooms. It is effective against the most important and widespread species of these insects, such as the black ant, the Argentine ant, the ghost ant and the guinea fowl. The gel has rapid effects and also acts inside the anthill, thus leading to its complete elimination. The product is odourless, transparent and colourless, does not dry, does not dirty and is decidedly attractive to ants. At the same time the gel has a high yield as 150 bait points are obtained from a 30 g cartridge.

Raid Cockroaches and Ants Active Foam Spray

RAID Cockroaches and Ants Active Foam Spray Raid Cockroaches and Ants Active Foam Spray at the price of 4.44 euros is marketed in 400 ml cans with cannulas that allow targeted dosages based on the extent of the infestation. The product is based on Cyfluthrin, a pyrethroid with a broad spectrum of action and active even in small quantities: in fact it lasts 3 months. Consequently it is applied along the jambs of windows and doors to create a durable barrier against all ants. The foam formulation is very advantageous because, before becoming invisible, it allows you to clearly see which areas are being treated.

KOLLANT Geotox Powder

KOLLANT Geotox Powder Kollant Geotox Powder at the price of 4.90 euros, ideal against crawling insects (ants, ticks, spiders, bedbugs, fleas in the form of larvae and cockroaches), is characterized by a strong attractive power. It is a ready-to-use insecticide in micro-granular powder, particularly suitable for disinfesting domestic and civil environments or places where animals are found after having removed them, ensuring that contamination is avoided. The Geotox jars come in the 250 g, 500 g or 1 kilo format: the latter solution costs 12.45 euros. To treat an area of 100 square meters, approximately 0.5-1 kilo of insecticide is needed depending on the severity of the infestation. The treatment occurs by spreading the product uniformly, but in the case of avenues, sidewalks and closed environments it is recommended to distribute the insecticide along the perimeter and in strips of 3–5 cm.

VAPE Expert Ants Stop Bait Insecticide

VAPE Expert Ants Stop Bait Insecticide Vape Expert Ants Stop Bait Insecticide at the price of 6.90 euros, it is a specific product for ant infestations and ready to use. Each pack contains 4 food baits made of gel and which have been specifically designed to prevent the operator from coming into direct contact with the insecticide as it is a very toxic substance. The baits last 1 month and should be placed along the path followed by the insects or near the anthill. The active ingredient has a broad spectrum of action as synthetic pyrethrum is toxic even at low concentrations for numerous insect species. The preparation is very attractive thanks to a high level of sugar components; after ingesting the bait, the insecticide is spread throughout the anthill until the colony is completely eliminated. To ensure a greater level of safety, the baits contain a bittering substance which causes immediate rejection if a child accidentally ingests them.

BIOKILL Organic Ecological Insecticide

BIOKILL Organic Ecological Insecticide Biokill Organic Ecological Insecticide at the price of 9.65 euros is specifically designed for cold-blooded insects, both flying and crawling, so as to be able to eliminate them in a few minutes after contact. The solution is particularly suitable for internal environments, which can be domestic or restaurants, schools, hotels and hospitals. The name bio stands for biodegradable insecticide and does not contain propellant gases or CFCs: consequently it is environmentally friendly as it has no negative effects on the ozone layer. Precisely for this reason the substance is not flammable both in the atomized form and for directional jets. In fact it acts both by indigestion and by contact. In the first case the spray pump allows you to directly treat large surfaces, in the second the cannula allows you to reach difficult to access points and cracks. Biokill is an easy to apply and ready to use aqueous emulsion that is not breathed by the operator. Its duration of action, whatever the form adopted, is on average 2-3 weeks. Other advantages are that it is odourless, does not leave stains, acts against a wide range of different species (including bees, silverfish, cockroaches, cockroaches, spiders, bedbugs and dust mites) and provides protection long-lasting against moths for fabrics stored in wardrobes and environments. It is marketed in recyclable PE bottles and can be applied both in rooms and in container spaces, such as furniture, wardrobes, pantries, cabinets and drawers.

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