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The garden shed can have multiple functions. It can act as a storage room where you can store bulky garden tools that don't fit in the house, such as the lawnmower, or shovels, hoes and rakes. It can also act as a play corner for children or as a quiet and cozy corner for adults. It can be placed on the ground or, just like you see in American films, it can be built on a tree, preferably like a stilt to ensure its stability. And what type of garden shed are you looking for? There really are something for all tastes, made in different materials to adapt to satisfy everyone's desires. As regards the garden shed used as a storage room, this is the ideal place to store all garden equipment, including manures, fertilizers and herbicides, but you can also store other things there, such as bicycles, skateboards, tricycles, toy cars and so on. In particular, as regards bicycles, they can also be fixed to the walls of the garden shed using special support hooks. The dimensions of a garden shed can vary considerably depending on the needs of use and the space available. One of the main advantages is that most companies that market garden shed models are also available to create tailor-made constructions to ensure that the shed adapts to everyone's needs as much as possible. Yet another function that the house can take on is that of a kennel or personal home for our four-legged friends, so as to allow them to have a refuge from the bad weather and cold temperatures of winter, also giving them a personalized environment of maximum comfort.


A garden shed with a pleasant and welcoming design can create an additional living environment in the open air. It is in fact possible to install a hob that acts as a summer kitchen, to combine the art of cooking with the pleasure of enjoying your garden. We always spend a lot of time indoors at the stove, why not spend this time immersed in greenery instead? A kitchen in the garden is very practical for bringing all the dishes into the garden without having to travel kilometers and without having to constantly enter and leave the house when eating outdoors, thus also avoiding bringing soil into the house and dirtying all the floors. For those who want to make the most of all the comforts that a garden shed can offer, you can opt for the garden shed with patio. In this way not only can the house serve as a summer kitchen, but the patio will also shade the table so you can eat al fresco, with the house on one side sheltering from the wind and the full view of the garden on the other. At the opposite end of the scale of the garden shed, we find a small parallelepiped house of minimal size, even just one meter by one and a half metres, which can collect and store our work tools without attracting attention and without steal space from the garden. Clearly these different types of garden shed vary considerably in price, based on the material, standard or customized design, size and accessories with which they are equipped. They range from approximately three hundred and fifty euros for a standard tool cabin to three thousand five hundred euros for a large, well-kept garden shed with patio and terrace and kitchenette. There is no single perfect solution for everyone, but the great variety means that everyone can find the garden shed of their dreams.

How to build a garden shed

When purchasing a garden shed, many companies offer a special assembly kit to allow customers to build their own shed from the dismantled pieces. It is certainly a great satisfaction to assemble your own garden shed yourself, comparable to that of seeing a tree planted with your own hands grow healthy. Not to mention that this house will contain for you all the materials necessary for the care of your trees and garden plants, and will therefore be a precious help for all your gardening work. In most cases, after having created the foundations of the house, the first piece to be fixed to the ground are ground guides, onto which the panels or beams in series that will form the walls of the garden house must then be fitted and hooked. Furthermore, it is obviously possible to insert windows that allow light to enter and spread inside without necessarily having to keep the door open. Clearly the door of the house can also be glass, so as to constitute an additional element that guarantees lighting. After having fixed the upper guides that frame the upper parts of the walls, you can proceed with inserting the roof elements. As we said, it is very likely that they will have to be supported by a metal frame. In this case, obviously, the framework must be erected and fixed before the other roof elements. Once again we can also add glass elements on the roof to maximize the brightness of the house. These can be small windows or dormer windows, depending on personal tastes but also on the climatic conditions of the place. Dormer windows, in fact, are better suited to resisting snow, as well as avoiding the greenhouse effect in summer. They are therefore more suitable where climatic conditions tend to be extremely cold and extremely hot with the alternation of the seasons.

Which materials are best to use

The choice of materials of which your garden shed will be made is fundamental, to ensure that the shed fits harmoniously into your green space, so that it is perceived as an enrichment of the garden and not a reduction of its size. A garden shed made of treated wood or resin is specifically designed to resist the sun and rainfall, so as not to need any annual maintenance, which would certainly be expensive in terms of not only money but also time. It is clear that the roof of the garden shed must be made of waterproof material, to prevent the infiltration of rain and humidity from creating mold or causing insects to nest in the corners or in any case causing deterioration of the materials of the shed. Among all the materials in circulation, wood tends to be used mainly for the construction of garden sheds, above all because it directly recalls the natural environment in which the house is inserted, and because it certainly remains the most noble and elegant material for such a shape. traditional like that of a small house with a typically sloping roof. Even if the wood, to be left outside, needs to be subjected to a treatment that prevents it from rotting, the paints used for the treatment can be transparent so as not to cover but rather highlight the natural grains and designs of wood, which make it so wonderful precisely because it is unique and part of the natural environment. Precisely because of these characteristics, a wooden house brightly decorates the garden and does not create contrast with the surrounding elements. Obviously even houses made with other materials can be painted wood colour, and there are also types of painting that are very close to the typical grain of wood.


The garden shed can be very simple or fully equipped depending on the use you wish to make of it. In particular, if you want it safe as a place to store bicycles or a motorbike, you can equip it with a lock. Furthermore, to make entry of a motorbike easier, you can choose a house with a double door rather than a single door, so that the entrance is much wider. Furthermore, a garden shed, regardless of the material with which it is built, is in many cases equipped with a metal frame that guarantees its stability and resistance, while the system that allows it to be fixed to the shed is certainly an integral part of the shed. ground without moving or shifting. Coming then to purely decorative accessories, a highly effective choice could be to mount small planters on the windows of the garden shed, so as to make it a new flowery corner of the garden and not a mere artificial element. Flowers that are very simple to care for, very colorful and capable of adapting to any environment are, for example, geraniums, which in fact are often seen on the balconies of houses. So why not let them beautify our garden shed too? Following the same line of thought, it is possible to mount supports for climbing plants to grow outside on the walls of the garden shed. In this way you can cover the entire house with greenery and flowers and ensure that it really integrates perfectly with the rest of the garden. As regards the garden shed for children, it is also possible to find plastic houses on the market fully equipped and decorated with images of cartoons or other famous characters from children's games. Such a colorful and complete house will allow your children to immerse themselves in their favorite fantasy world and play happily among familiar and joyful images and colours.

Playhouse for children

For children, a garden shed can truly be a dream come true, especially if it is an elevated garden shed mounted on a large tree. Keeping our feet on the ground for now, a children's playhouse can be made of colored wood and painted with multiple colors or even with a pattern, it can have a small door and window and can also be equipped with a slide, to maximize the fun of our children . A garden shed can be the winning solution for storing all the toys that children normally leave scattered around, without the house, the real one, becoming a battlefield. Even some types of garden shed for children are equipped with a small front terrace with railing. Railings are obviously fundamental when the garden shed for children is raised, even just by that half meter which allows you to mount a slide on the terrace. The children's garden shed can have the most varied dimensions and can be made of many different materials. There are waterproof fabric houses, which can be folded up like camping tents, which have the advantage of being able to be set up and taken down in no time and therefore not taking up any space permanently in the garden. This same characteristic of absolute mobility is also typical of the inflatable garden shed for children, which has the advantage of the fact that the soft walls prevent children from getting hurt by running and bumping into the edges of the garden shed. Another material often used for children's playhouses is hard plastic or PVC that is treated so that it can be left outside and is shielded from harmful UV rays.

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