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Migliori custodie impermeabili per smartphone
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Waterproofing is in fact one of the most requested needs by customers who purchase a new mobile phone, whether iPhone, Samsung or other brands. This request derives not only from the possibility of using the characteristics and potential of the smartphone underwater, but also from that of having greater protection when used in the rain. But not all cell phones are waterproof. Precisely for this reason there is a simple cover on the market, which is completely waterproof. These cases, like all covers, in addition to being waterproof, protect your smartphone, whether it is an iPhone, or a Samsung, or any other model, from falls and any knocks it may receive during the day. Depending on the quality of the case, some functionality and features offered also vary. There are different types of waterproof covers on the market, that is, they can be membranes that adhere to the phone, which have the function of a "sachet", or they can be rigid and have the shape of your smartphone, covering it with greater security and also allowing the input for any earphones or for a possible lanyard. It is important not to confuse simple splash-proof cases with real waterproof covers, which are totally submersible. In fact, the former are only suitable for taking your phone to the beach and protecting it from sand, salt and splashes, but they are not designed to be immersed, so using them for this purpose will only cause damage. Therefore it is first necessary to be aware of the use you intend to make of it, and of what could happen if you do not make the right choice in relation to use. The market for waterproof covers is very vast, there are numerous brands producing this essential accessory, especially in summer. Below we analyze some of the main brands.

Ranking and Reviews of the best waterproof cases for smartphones


Puro covers are universal cases that can be used for the majority of smartphones, useful for the sea, to protect them from sand, water and other risk factors that could damage it. There are numerous variants offered, which differ above all in the quality of performance. The Waterproof Case is designed for 5.1 inch devices, such as the iPhone 6, Huawei P10, or Samsung S7. It is able to resist up to a depth of 20 meters for a maximum of 10 hours, thanks to IPx8 certification. Using the smartphone inside is very simple, but it is not possible to insert earphones or other cables. Its diving function has been tested. Its price varies between €14.99 and €16.99 and is easily available on the internet or directly in computer or accessory shops.


FuturPrint is particularly suitable for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and other Android smartphones of similar size. This is also useful for protecting your smartphone from sand and water, and can also be immersed up to a depth of 10 meters, maintaining the touch functionality unchanged. Also in this case, since it is a sort of sachet, it is not possible to connect any earphones or other accessories. Equipped with a lanyard that makes it easier to use, allowing it to be hung around the neck, as well as a hook-and-loop armband. FuturPrint cases can also be used to protect tablets, choosing the right size. On the market the price of the case varies between €7.99 and €9.99.


Equipped with IPx8 certification, the iVoler cover is suitable for immersion from a depth of at least 1 meter, up to a depth of 30 meters, capable of withstanding a pressure of 10 bar exerted in every direction. It is compatible with major smartphone brands such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, Apple, HTC, Asus, Sony Xperia, etc. Thanks to its touch friendly design, it allows you to keep the display functions useful even underwater, thus allowing you to take photos and shoot videos even at the seaside or in the pool. A strap facilitates portability. It can be conveniently purchased on Amazon at a price that varies between €7 and €10.


The Zoe waterproof cover is the economical solution for those looking for protection from water and sand. The depth to which it can be immersed reaches up to 10 metres, guaranteeing maximum resistance and protecting the smartphone thanks to the hermetic seal. It is highly resistant even in case of rain or snow, like most covers of the same type. Its price is around €8.95 online, specifically on the Amazon store.


Ocase offers the best performance thanks to its sealing and thanks to the perfect adhesion of the transparent part to the screen. It is equipped with IPx8 certification which, combined with the quality of the materials, makes it resistant up to a depth of 30 meters. Its resistance is also proven against dust and other external agents, so taking your smartphone to the beach or in the mountains will no longer be a problem with this cover. The Ocase waterproof cover is compatible with devices up to 5.7 inches in size, therefore with all the main recently produced brands. Its price is around €6.49, but multiple packs are also available at an affordable price.


Aukey is very resistant, and is also IPx8 certified. It is made of an excellent material, namely PVC, with high sensitivity. It is able to resist immersion up to 10 meters. It has a peculiarity compared to other similar covers from other brands, namely a small compass in the upper part of the structure, so as not to lose your position at sea or during an alpine climb. The touch sensitivity is high enough to allow you to take photos even underwater. It is available online at the modest price of €6.29.


The Anker waterproof case is guaranteed against the infiltration of any type of liquid. It is a universal cover, suitable for holding any type of phone that does not exceed 6 inches. The IPx8 certification guarantees watertightness up to 30 meters deep. The performance of the screen is guaranteed even when immersed. It also offers protection from sand, mud and snow, and can contain not only your smartphone but also other small objects, such as credit cards. The floating function combined with the strap makes it impossible to lose it at the bottom of the sea or swimming pool. Its price varies from €7 to €8.


The universal waterproof cover from the Yosh brand is IPx8 certified, like most covers of this type. It is suitable for all phones smaller than 6 inches, and is equipped with an additional pocket to hold additional objects such as money or credit cards and documents. Its closure is made up of a highly resistant buckle, with a double pin closure which guarantees absolute watertightness. The price varies between €6.99 and €13.99 on Amazon.


The DrySmartPhone cover differs from the previous ones described above in that it is a rigid waterproof cover, and not a sachet. It is a universal case, entirely made in Italy, tested according to IPx8 certification standards. It is totally submersible to a depth of 2 meters for 30 minutes, allowing you to take photos and shoot videos underwater to immortalize your exploits, without infiltration inside. For perfect storage, it is advisable to insert the smartphone without its case. The very advantageous price is around €8.50.

Dog & Bone

Certainly not accessible to everyone, these waterproof covers are aesthetically much finer than those previously described. It is a hard cover with IP68 certification, resistant to shock, dust, sand, snow and water. It can resist immersion in water up to a depth of 2-3 meters for approximately 1 hour without the smartphone suffering any damage. the innovation lies in the fact that this system leaves the glass uncovered, leaving it all its sensitivity, but still guaranteeing total protection thanks to the body that isolates every part. It is ideal for the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. The cost is particularly high and is around €60.

Lifeproof Fre

The Lifeproof cover for iPhone is one of the best in the waterproof range for this device. It is water resistant up to 2 meters deep for approximately 1 hour. Its structure allows you to connect earphones or charging cable, with its audio refinement system. It also has IP68 certification and completely seals the iPhone. It is available for all models, from 4 to 6, in different variants. Even though its price is very high, and varies between €50 and €80, it is an accessory that protects the iPhone impeccably.

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