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Termostato wifi controllato da smartphone
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An intelligent thermostat must be able to control the internal heat level autonomously, also trying to optimize the heating on and off phases to keep energy consumption levels constant. Quality thermostats must be equipped with various types of sensors capable of sensing external and internal temperature conditions and the presence of people in the home and then regulating the right degree of heat. Another important feature is the fact that we can manage multiple areas of our home at the same time to diversify the environmental conditions.


Netatmo Netatmo at a cost of 230 euros is one of the most popular smart thermostats on the market in recent years. This model gives us the possibility of being able to modify the heating if we are away from home but also when we are inside. The feature that immediately catches the eye is the modern cube-shaped design signed by the French Starck which gave the instrument a decidedly minimal look. To function correctly, the appliance must necessarily be connected to the Internet through the home wifi network which allows us to use the smartphone to check the heating status. The device communicates wirelessly with the phone app which regulates the internal temperature taking into account the thermal insulation of the home and the external temperature. Heating can therefore be programmed automatically or even in real time wherever you are. Furthermore, every month we will receive an e-mail with the energy consumption balance and some small advice on how to increase savings.

Momit Smart Thermostat

Momit smart thermostat Momit Smart Thermostat at a cost of 199 euros works via connection to the home wireless network and allows us to manage the temperature thanks to the specific application that can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets and PCs. Available in various colors such as black, red, gray and blue, externally it looks like a parallelepiped with squared and essential lines. It is equipped with a presence sensor that turns on the heating when you enter the house, and then turns it off when you leave. The light sensor, on the other hand, allows the thermostat to understand whether it is day or night and deactivates itself at night. Each function can therefore be set via the smartphone but also thanks to the touchscreen screen of this product. We can also program holiday days, so that the device will automatically deactivate the heating programming. With the Smart function, Momit will be able to learn our habits and then set itself independently. In fact, its sensors allow it to self-program based on when the inhabitants of the house wake up or return.

Salus IT500

Salus it500 Salus IT500 at a cost of 350 euros is an appliance that offers the possibility of managing heating remotely through one of our mobile devices. By downloading the app we can therefore set any function and access all the information we need. In the package we will find the thermostat, a receiver, an additional remote sensor and all the connection cables. We will connect the sensor to the home router to be able to interface the system with the heating system via the Internet. The instrument is able to monitor the air temperature and warns you whether or not you need to turn on the heating if you want to maintain a certain degree of heat. The additional sensor is designed to create an additional heating zone that can be controlled independently of the rest of the house. This is obviously to try to avoid unnecessary waste and heat only the most used environments. If our Internet connection doesn't work, we can also operate directly from our Salus to always keep the situation under control.

Honeywell Homexpert THR992GRT Evohome

Homexpert by Honeywell THR992GRT Evohome Honeywell Homexpert THR992GRT Evohome at a cost of 400 euros is a system for remote control of the temperature of the various areas of our home. In total it manages 12 different environments to be able to have constant heat according to our needs. Each room can therefore have a different temperature at various times of the day. This type of control can be used for any heating system, whether radiator-based or buried in the floor. The design of the product is simple and refined and the color display offers us the possibility of accessing every function to set each environment as we like. We can also do the same with the dedicated application that allows us to have remote control. The intelligence of this tool lies above all in the ability to assimilate the habits of each member of the family, just as it is able to change environmental conditions according to variables such as open windows or balconies. Installation does not require major difficulties and does not even involve masonry or invasive work.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest learning thermostat Nest Learning Thermostat at a cost of 250 euros is a model that is characterized by its adaptability to the habits of each inhabitant of the house as it turns off when leaving the house and turns on again shortly before returning home. From an aesthetic point of view, the lines are very rounded and sinuous as it looks like a large round knob that will be fixed to the wall with screws. In addition to setting the temperature, we will be able to select various heating cycles while the light, movement and humidity sensors allow us to record different environmental situations over the course of the week. After this period, the thermostat will be able to self-regulate according to our habits and in the event of a sudden change in routine the Auto-Away system manages the temperature, bringing it to the most suitable level to save energy. As with other devices, in this case too it will be possible to download the app on a smartphone, PC or tablet to be able to control the entire system when we are away from home.

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