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Migliori stufe portatili a gas GPL
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Best LPG gas stoves on the market

De Longhi Infrared IH

De Longhi Infrared IH portable LPG stove De Longhi Infrared IH at the price of 100 euros, infrared, has an elegant and innovative design, characterized by a painted sheet metal, without sharp edges, which gives it solidity and makes it suitable for insertion in any environment, even in presence of children. Easy to transport and move thanks to the practical multi-directional wheels, the stove is simple to use and can be adjusted to three temperature levels via a special thermostat. It is equipped with a burner with a maximum power of 4200 Watts, which allows you to efficiently heat large rooms, consuming approximately 305 g/h of gas. The infrared radiation area is made up of three ceramic panels, which spread heat rapidly, heating spaces faster than traditional radiators. The stove is particularly safe. In fact, it turns off on its own, blocking the supply of the LPG flow if the pilot flame goes out or if the analyzer detects too high a percentage of carbon dioxide in the air, in particular if it exceeds the limit threshold of 1.5 %.

Sunny S35-01

Portable LPG gas stove sunny S35 01 Sunny S35-01 at the price of 80 Euros, is made up of three infrared panels and a power of 4200 Watts, which make it useful for improving the comfort of large domestic or professional spaces, with a maximum capacity of 25 cubic meters. This stove has a parallelepiped shape, is characterized by its essential design and a rear compartment that allows the insertion of a 15 kg cylinder. Complete with swivel wheels, it can be easily moved from room to room. A CE certified stove that complies with EN449, which guarantees high heating performance and safety, without excessive consumption. It switches off automatically if it tips over or if the percentage of oxygen in the environment drops significantly. Simple to turn on, it is equipped with a device that allows you to choose the number of panels to activate. It quickly distributes heat within the room, improving well-being, in an ecological and healthy way, especially when the first cold autumn temperatures arrive and you want to avoid resorting to traditional heating systems.

Qlima 2042r

Portable LPG gas stove qlima 2042r Qlima 2042r at the price of 102 Euros, with an infrared radiant system, is a portable stove made up of a painted metal cabinet, with clean lines and a front compartment designed to contain a 15 kg cylinder. It turns on by pressing a button and with the thermostat it is possible to choose between 3 power levels, allowing you to create the desired climate within the room. The infrared panels give off heat evenly, distributing it evenly and silently throughout the entire environment. An LPG stove ideal for heating small or large spaces, with a maximum surface area of 42 square metres, keeping consumption down to 0.300 kg/h. CE marked and subjected to numerous tests to prove its reliability, it features innovative systems that allow it to offer optimal performance in terms of safety. In fact, it is equipped with a sensor, the stove automatically stops the gas supply if it is bumped or the flame goes out accidentally. While, the ODS system helps to continuously monitor the amount of oxygen and when it drops below a certain limit it turns it off completely autonomously.

Niklas Nova Kolor

Portable LPG gas stove niklas nova kolor Niklas Nova Kolor at the price of 79 Euros, is a direct irradiation infrared model, with three elements, with a power of 4.2 Kw, suitable for heating large rooms of up to 45 square metres, consuming 300 g/h of gas. A simple but refined design and small dimensions characterize the stove which can be moved using the practical wheels and placed in any space of the house. Made of steel, it is painted with anti-scratch products and designed to maintain its aesthetic characteristics over time and guarantee high performance in terms of resistance, safety and above all heating. The stove is equipped with ceramic burners, which allow efficient and rapid diffusion of heat and is ignited via a piezoelectric device. Equipped with a safety valve and sensor, it stops working when the quantity of carbon dioxide present in the air exceeds a certain level. It is a valid solution to integrate the inefficiency of other air conditioning systems or to avoid using them at full capacity in too large houses and limit heating costs.

Sicar Eco 40 Blue

Sicar Eco 40 Blue at the price of 80 Euros, wall-mounted infrared gas stove, with three heating positions and a power of 4.2 kW. A versatile product, with lines designed with attention to detail, space-saving and which can be installed on the wall using the appropriate attachment or mounted on wheels so as to move it freely from one part of the house to another. The structure of the LPG stove is made of metal and has a scratch-resistant epoxy paint, which makes it resistant to impacts and allows it not to oxidize. Equipped with piezoelectric ignition, it is easy to use and adjust the power of the ceramic burners using a special device. The stove is designed to make medium-sized environments comfortable, with a maximum volume of 110 cubic meters, with consumption of 0.414 m3/h. The Stop gas safety system equipped with valve and atmosphere analyser, allows you to stop the gas output in case of problems, random shutdown and if the air becomes saturated with carbon dioxide, in particular exceeding 1.5%, making the appliance particularly reliable.

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