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The design of the new iPhone X is very similar to that of previous models, but even more elegant and sophisticated. Characterized by ultra-sophisticated and innovative technology, equipped among other things with facial recognition with Face ID, it has an OLED display that guarantees colors with spectacular intensity, faithful to reality, with a contrast of 1,000,000:1 and great brightness. The profile is made of surgical stainless steel, is resistant to water and dust and benefits from wireless charging. Although many appreciate the linear and essential design of the iPhone or falls.

Best iPhone X covers to buy

ESR Soft Matte TPU Case

ESR Soft Matte Case The ESR Soft Matte TPU Case , sold at the price of 9.99 euros, is particularly useful as it supports wireless charging. Ideal for those who want to effectively protect their iPhone /particularly small bag. ESR is also non-slip and scratch-proof, as it protects the screen from any impacts that could damage it even minimally. Ultra thin and ultra light, this cover is also a popular cover due to its excellent quality-price ratio.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style at the price of 15.00 euros, a hybrid cover that has reinforced corners. Anyone who owns or has owned an iPhone in the past knows well that the weak point of these phones is represented by the corners, which are more exposed than the rest of the structure to wear and tear and impacts. Thanks to this cover reinforced at the corners, the iPhone X always remains perfectly intact and free from signs of use. Another feature much appreciated by customers who purchase it and use it regularly is represented by the transparent rear panel: thanks to this, in fact, the back of the iPhone, with its classic apple symbol of Apple, is always in plain sight and not it is hidden (which may bother some).

Centopi wallet case

centopi wallet cover The Centopi case sold at the price of €10.00 is a leather wallet cover even equipped with various slots and compartments in which to store the identity card (the new model), the driving license and possibly also the debit card and credit cards. credit. It has a magnetic closure and is very protective as it perfectly hugs the entire structure of the phone. The Centopi case was conceived and designed specifically for the iPhone Laser cut, it features high precision cuts at the speakers, camera, microphones and all the various power, charging and memory card ports. Finally, it ensures excellent protection against impacts, falls and scratches, all occurrences which unfortunately are inevitable, no matter how much care you take when handling your phone.

CoverStyle® UltraSoft® Case

CoverStyle UltraSoft Case CoverStyle® UltraSoft® case sold at the price of 14.00 euros, decidedly thin cover (its thickness is around a millimetre), rigid enough to preserve the smartphone but at the same time soft to the touch, with a matte effect. It is the perfect case for those who love colours, since it is available in electric blue, red and matte silver, as well as in classic black. Made of PC (Polycarbonate) material and has reinforced, fully protected edges, with extra protection for the camera lens. Together with the cover, there is the Ultra Protector BACK® transparent film, which also allows you to best preserve the screen, which is usually the most fragile part.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Transparent Cover

Spigen Liquid Crystal Spigen Liquid Crystal sold at the price of 9.00 euros, perfect for those who love minimal design; it is completely transparent and constitutes a thin and almost invisible protection that does not interfere in any way with the aesthetics of the phone, which can thus be admired in all its elegance and essentiality. The buttons are reinforced to allow for quick responsiveness, while the durable anti-slip TPU keeps the phone light and easy to handle. It is also possible to use the transparent support for customisation, i.e. to decorate the smartphone with drawings, writings or stickers, without ruining it.

i-Blason – Ares case

i Blason Custodia Ares i-Blason [Ares] sold at the price of 20.00 euros, is a protective case in sturdy aluminum with integrated screen protection. Available in only one model, i.e. in a combination of black and blue; elegant and essential, it ensures total protection, 360 degrees, above all by virtue of the characteristics of aluminium, a very resistant, almost indestructible metal that does not deform and is not afraid of falls or impacts. The screen protector, notoriously very delicate, is integrated compatible with touch technology. Made of a material that is both rigid and soft, the perfect mix of ergonomics and protection. The inserts and the very particular texture that embellish the case give it a decidedly captivating appearance, perfect for those who want to be trendy and fashionable. The iPhone X i-Blason [Ares] cover is reinforced at the corners.

Ubegood TPU cover

Ubegood TPU cover The Ubegood TPU case sold at the price of 8.00 euros is a soft and ultra-essential case, perfect for those who want invisible protection, which does not affect the original design of the iPhone . Anti-scratch protection is guaranteed by the ultra-thin and transparent, but absolutely resistant, rubber back cover. Very light cover that allows quick and easy access to all ports and buttons, which means that it is not necessary to remove the case before charging the smartphone. Whoever designed this cover thought of everything: for example, there is an anti-slip function, which ensures that the mobile phone does not slip from your hands during use.

FugouSell waterproof cover

The FugouSell waterproof cover at the price of 16.00 euros, IP68 certified, also protects the iPhone It is a soft cover that prevents both the accumulation of dust and grease residues. It is also snow and rain proof, obviously also protecting against falls and bumps, while its transparency reveals and enhances the original color of this smartphone.

SHIELDON leather cover

SHIELDON leather cover SHIELDON cover priced at 35.00 euros, made entirely of high quality leather and has a magnetic closure. It is a wallet model also equipped with an additional internal TPU cover. The latter is enriched by additional cushioning zones, especially at the four corners; these areas allow you to best preserve the device from possible falls and impacts. Again thanks to the internal shell, if the iPhone Inside there are slots suitable for holding up to three credit cards and a cash bag. Thanks to its softness, this cover can be installed and removed very easily, without forcing the edges, thus risking ruining them, and without even risking scratching the smartphone screen. Equipped with a warranty lasting approximately one year, the cover is available in different colours: blue, red, purple, coffee, black and carbon black.

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