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Migliori cover Samsung S9
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The new Samsung Galaxy S9 is a high-end Android smartphone, characterized by a 5.8-inch screen and one of the highest resolutions that can be found on the market today, i.e. a QuadHD of 2960×1440 pixels. But the real news is certainly its processor: Samsung has chosen the Exynos 9810 for its latest addition. It is a SoC whose advanced technology was recognized during the CES 2018 Innovation Awards, which saw the Samsung product awarded in the Embedded Technologies category. The memory is also high: the RAM has 4 gigabytes while the internal memory has 64 gigabytes which can be expanded with a Micro SD up to 2 tera. The Samsung Galaxy S9 features a 12 MP rear camera that allows you to take photos and videos in Full HD: for action lovers, it will also be possible to choose to take shots with the super slow-motion function which will allow you to better view every movement. As regards the security systems, which allow you to use this smartphone also for work without risking losing data and information, it should be underlined that the Galaxy S9 features the iris scanner and face recognition which can be used simultaneously for greater security of unlocking methods. In Italy, this smartphone is on sale in three different colors: black, blue and purple.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 covers to buy

Samsung Clear View

The Clear View cover, sold at the price of 64.99 euros, is one of the official Samsung covers, created to guarantee protection and high practicality. Its essential design should not be misleading: this cover, in fact, was created to guarantee maximum protection. Just like the shell of a seashell, it envelops the smartphone but at the same time guarantees maximum functionality, being able to be opened and closed quickly and easily. The strong point of the Clear View is certainly given by the possibility of transformation into a practical stand for landscape viewing. In this way it will be possible to view films, photos, videos or video calls without necessarily having to hold the phone in your hand. When the phone is inside the case it will always be possible to answer phone calls without having to open it. Furthermore, you can always check the time, date and battery level without having to open the cover.

LED View Cover

Viev LED cover , sold at the price of 69.99 euros, is characterized by an elegant fabric surface that allows the time, date, notifications and other information shown on the display to be read, even with the case closed. The LED View case also allows customization, thanks to the possibility of choosing some cheerful and bright-looking icons. Beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, this cover represents a very suitable choice for those looking for a case capable of ensuring excellent grip, i.e. a comfortable and at the same time safe grip. The fabric it is made of, in fact, is an innovative, safe and highly resistant product, perfect for ensuring protection for the delicate technology that characterizes this smartphone. Furthermore, thanks to a practical internal pocket, it will always be possible to carry with you not only your phone, but also a membership card, credit card or another type of smart card.

iVoler cover

The iVolver cover costs 6.50 euros and is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), and has a design capable of guaranteeing maximum protection while keeping the elegance of the phone intact. The case, in fact, is completely transparent, so the aesthetics of the phone will not be compromised in the slightest but, on the contrary, it can be said that it will be more underlined. The maximum compatibility between case and phone will allow you to easily use every button or port. This cover is part of those enveloping models, capable of creating a real protective shell for the phone without interfering in any way with the design. This is a perfect model for protecting your smartphone from accidental falls or possible scratches due to contact inside bags or backpacks.

Terrapin leather cover

Terrapin leather cover priced at 11.95 euros, has a very elegant design, made of soft leather. This is a perfect choice for those who, although passionate about technology, also love classic style. Black leather with trim details make this case the ideal choice for managers and professionals who want to protect their Samsung Galaxy S9. In addition to protecting your smartphone, this cover has a series of slots for inserting cards, credit cards or other types of cards that you always want to keep at hand, just like your phone. Furthermore, despite the purely classic appearance, the cover offers the possibility of turning into a practical support for a landscape view of the display, perfect for viewing films, videos or making video calls without having to keep the phone in your hand.

Ringke cover with wrist strap

Ringke cover with wrist strap at the price of 30.00 euros, as well as being elegant and practical, it is characterized by high resistance which guarantees maximum protection for the smartphone. It features a dual coating design, with a TPU side frame and a rigid polycarbonate rear shell. The case is extremely thin – this way the elegant design of the phone is not undermined. On the other hand, its high resistance allows you to have the certainty of perfect manual dexterity and high comfort in using the different functions of the telephone. The different ports, the camera and the connectors for the headphone jacks or the battery charger are completely free, guaranteeing, once again, perfect ease of use. But the particular element of the cover is certainly the strap, which can be attached to the case or not depending on your needs. The presence of the strap will allow you to keep your phone on your wrist so you never forget it anywhere while always maintaining maximum freedom of movement and your hands completely free.

Spigen cover with kickstand

The Spigen cover with kickstand, sold at the price of 15.99 euros, represents an elegant and practical solution for protecting the Galaxy S9 without sacrificing the elegance of the phone's design. It is in fact a very thin shell case, although characterized by two different coatings, one flexible in TPU and the other in rigid polycarbonate. The thermoplastic polyurethane part is characterized by an air cushion technology which guarantees maximum cushioning in the event of an impact. Furthermore, on the rigid polycarbonate covering there is a practical small stand, which allows you to keep the smartphone in a vertical or horizontal position depending on your needs. In this way, it will be possible to watch films and videos or make video calls while always having your hands free.

Spigen carbon fiber cover

Spigen carbon fiber cover priced at 10.99 euros. Elegant, refined and highly resistant, this case is extremely thin, despite its strength. Carbon fibre, in fact, is a material made to resist impacts of all kinds: for this reason it is very suitable for those who like to go on excursions or carry their phone with them during workouts in the gym or in the open air. The cover guarantees maximum correspondence with all the ports and open elements of the phone, such as jack or charger input, camera or buttons of various types.

Ultra-protective iBetter cover

Ultra-protective iBetter cover at the price of 8.59 euros. Characterized by the presence of eco-sustainable TPU and represents a perfect choice for those who always have an eye on the environment. It is a cover characterized by a certain thickness, which does not allow it to fall into the slim cover categories. However, the elegant design, the possibility of selecting four different colors and above all the high resistance which makes it perfect for high smartphone protection make it a highly appreciated and sought after choice. Highly protective, this cover is perfect for those who know they are exposing their S9 to constant stress.

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Migliori cover Samsung S9

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