Best covers for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Migliori cover per galaxy s7 e s7 Edge
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The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are latest generation smartphones which differ above all in the shape of the display, which in the EDGE version has rounded edges. The S7 model offers a large 5.1-inch display which, in the EDGE version, becomes 5.5 inches. Furthermore, in terms of resistance, they are perfectly resistant to water and not just splashes, as they resist immersion up to one meter. The AMOLED QHD display present in both versions is excellent. In light of this, using a protective cover is essential to preserve the life of the device. Here are the best covers for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge chosen by us based on their characteristics.

Best covers for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to buy


The pure cover 0.3 is sold at the price of 12.99 euros, created to underline the shapes of the smartphone without altering its aesthetics, this ultra-thin cover adequately protects and repairs from accidental impacts. Made of soft flexible material, a lightweight and durable silicone, it also perfectly protects against unsightly scratches. It has a hole for the camera and flash. It is soft to the touch but not slippery, a very important feature to guarantee the best grip even with greasy or wet hands. Available in the semi-transparent white version, elegant and refined and dresses the smartphone perfectly, enveloping every part of it with the utmost accuracy. It is sold with the display protection device, a further guarantee of safety. [kelkoo q="cover" brand="puro" cat="100042013"]


Spigen liquid crystal at the price of 14.99 euros is a soft and thin cover that adapts perfectly to the line of the phone, underlining its design. Made of TPU, a material specifically designed to protect from involuntary impacts, because it is soft and elastic. The reduced thickness makes it easier to hold and use the Samsung, guaranteeing the best possible grip without hindering its use. The side buttons, as well as the lower USB and headphone jack inputs are uncovered while, around the camera, there is a light raised edge to protect the optics from possible scratches and abrasions. It is a monocoque cover, therefore resistant to even the most extreme mechanical tractions. Also available in the version for Samsung S7 EDGE.


Celly Ice cube at the price of 19.99 euros, elegant cover for Samsung S7 designed with a revolutionary impact protection system. The cover, in fact, is anti-shock, thanks to a unique mix of materials that allows all parts of the phone to be protected as much as possible. The idea of an ice effect frame in transparent liquid silicone while the back is in colored polycarbonate is very interesting. The anti-shock material allows it to absorb the effect of shocks, reducing the risk of damage and scratches to the device but, at the same time, maintains ergonomics and guarantees perfect use and grip. All buttons and connectors are open, therefore easily accessible without problems. The back cover has an opening for the cameras and flash. Young, fresh and dynamic style for this all-Italian cover. [kelkoo q="cover" brand="celly" cat="100042013"]


Spigen slim armor at the price of 29.99 euros, German cover is an alternative solution for those looking for a product with high performance and an original design. Inside, it is made of soft TPU, an anti-shock material that adequately protects the device from accidental falls and impacts. On the outside, however, it is covered in polycarbonate, a material resistant to abrasion and impacts. The stylistic peculiarity of this cover is, undoubtedly, the bi-color choice implemented by the manufacturer. In fact, despite a wide range of different colors from which to choose your favorite one, each of these has contrasting details on the top, bottom and sides: these are silicone elements that aim to give further protection to the most exposed to impacts. These inserts are usually black, except in some covers where the tone-on-tone variant has been chosen. But the detail that most characterizes this product is the clip on the back, which allows you to keep the phone balanced on a surface for reading or watching videos.


Spigen rugged armor at the price of 14.99 euros, definitive cover to completely protect the Samsung S7 from any accidental event that could somehow cause damage. It is not excessively large, thanks to the careful design carried out by Spigen, which managed to create a flexible product but, at the same time, capable of completely absorbing shocks. This is possible thanks to a special internal structure, specifically developed to discharge the impact force over the entire surface of the smartphone and not just on the part affected by the impact. In this way, the risk of irreparable damage is significantly reduced and, even in the event of a fall, there is a greater chance that the phone will not suffer damage. The back features a characteristic carbon decoration while the upper frame and the one around the camera are slightly raised to ensure the maximum possible protection. The keys are not free but covered, to widen the protection surface. Also available at the same price for the Samsung S7 EDGE.


Slicoo wood at the price of 35.99 euros. From Slicoo's great experience in woodworking, this elegant and refined cover was born. Original in its wooden finish, this is precisely its peculiar characteristic. Slicoo uses the highest quality materials and this can be seen the moment the cover is removed from its sales package, because the scent of wood is strong. Obviously, to create an excellent product, which in addition to being aesthetically pleasing was also resistant, Slicoo created an original combination of wood and TPU, creating a material with rather interesting physical characteristics, which make the product of a high level in several respects of sight. They are available in different finishes: bamboo, cherry and black walnut are three solutions with great stylistic effect. The side buttons are left free, as are the bottom connectors. [kelkoo q="cover" brand="slicoo" cat="100042013"]


Samsung led view at the price of 59.90 euros. With the launch of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the Korean company has also brought various innovations to the market regarding the world of covers, with solutions specifically designed for these devices. One of the most important is the Led View cover, a flip model that can be considered the natural evolution of the S-View model. In fact, its peculiar feature is the presence of a LED display in the upper part, in which notifications and the time can be viewed. No longer, therefore, a "window" open on the flip cover but a real second display with which the user can interact by performing a simple swipe. The caller ID can also be viewed on the LED display in case of incoming calls. As with most flip covers, this one also has practical credit card pockets inside. Thanks to the use of a second display, the smartphone display is perfectly preserved and it is not necessary to expose it to check notifications and time. It is also available for the EDGE version. [kelkoo q="cover" brand="samsung" cat="100042013"]


Recommended price: €16.99 Shine by Puro, priced at €16.99, perfectly embodies the Italian company's concept of style. It is made of highly resistant materials, which perfectly protect the smartphone against accidental impacts and scratches but, at the same time, gives the device a modern and young look thanks to the brilliant finish. The cover, in fact, is studded with crystal powder for a unique and surprising effect. Sold in different colors so that everyone could find their favorite model in the range. The cover adapts perfectly to the shape of the smartphone, enveloping it completely. The side buttons and bottom connectors are left free for perfect and unproblematic access, just as the camera and flash have a dedicated opening on the back. The camera window has been made with a small raised edge to protect the optics from abrasions and scratches that would compromise optimal use.


Recommended price: €29.99 Ringke slim case, priced at €29.99, unlike most of the back-covers presented so far, this one is not soft but completely rigid, made of laser-cut polyurethane to guarantee the perfect fit of the device. Despite its rigidity, it is not difficult to insert it into the smartphone in total safety, thanks to the special recesses made on the side. Offered on the market in various colours, each unique and captivating, which makes each smartphone unique. Although it is a smooth and perfectly polished cover, the grip is guaranteed by the special treatment carried out in production which guarantees a stable and safe grip even in the case of damp hands, increasing the feeling of safety of the device. The same treatment is also useful to avoid the loss of color of the cover and the appearance of scratches due to normal daily use. Despite being rigid, it is still thin and does not weigh down the design of the smartphone in any way which, on the contrary, is underlined. It is also available for the Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE.

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