Wireless anti-theft system in kit: how to choose it

Almost all thefts occur when there is no one at home, and in recent years thefts from homes have increased, so much so that according to some estimates, assets worth around 40 million euros have been stolen, practically a theft every 2 minutes. For this reason it may be interesting to equip yourself with a wireless anti-theft kit, a low-cost system that can help you make your home thief-proof.


Home burglar alarm: how to choose and install it

The home burglar alarm is a technological product that requires great care in its choice because it is to it that we entrust our peace of mind when we are in the apartment and especially when we go out. Between perimeter systems, volumetric sensors, infrared, microwave and radio technologies, the choice is often really complicated, here is a guide that will help you shed some light.

Migliori cover Samsung S9

Best covers for Samsung Galaxy S9

When you buy a smartphone of the caliber of the Samsung Galaxy S9 you can't simply hope not to scratch or ruin it: it becomes necessary to buy a cover that acts as protection but is also able to enhance the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the phone.

Migliori cover iphone x

Best iPhone X cases

The iPhone Given its considerable cost, it is strongly recommended to use a cover that protects the smartphone while best preserving its integrity and functionality. And there are so many covers designed and created specifically for the iPhone X: let's see which ones are the best.

migliori maglie termiche

Best thermal shirts

Thermal shirts are a garment to be worn under clothes, in direct contact with the skin, to keep the body at an ideal temperature. They are the ideal garment for anyone who spends most of the day outdoors or lives in particularly cold areas. Usually, thermal shirts are used by athletes who practice outdoor sports. Just think of those who practice skiing or other snow sports, but also footballers, cyclists, etc. Read our guide to learn about the best thermal shirts on the market.

Migliori stufe portatili a gas GPL

Best LPG gas stoves

LPG gas stoves are practical and economical systems for heating rooms and making them comfortable. They represent a valid alternative for the home or office, where air conditioning systems are missing, or to avoid using them at full capacity and limit consumption. There are several reasons for purchasing LPG gas stoves. First of all, the purchase prices which are quite accessible, their functionality and the low fuel supply costs.

Cosa regalare ad una neomamma

What to give to a new mother

A friend or family member of yours has just become a new mother and you will surely have to go and visit her, regardless of whether at home or in the hospital, bringing her a gift for the happy event. In most cases, choosing the right gift for a new mother is very difficult, especially if you have a close friendship. So you need to give a heartfelt, thoughtful and carefully studied gift for the person who has just given birth.

Mobile coprilavatrice

Washing machine cover cabinet

A washing machine cover is a very useful solution for hiding this appliance from view and giving the environment a tidier, more organized and better appearance from an aesthetic point of view. There are many models on the market, different in materials used, finishes, dimensions and technical characteristics. It is therefore necessary to carefully evaluate various factors to choose the solution best suited to your needs.

Migliore insetticida anti formiche

Insecticide for ants

There are many products on the market to disinfest ants in your home or office, but be careful, not all are the same. So let's see together how to choose the best insecticide that is right for us to definitively solve the annoying problem of ants.